Digital Command Control:              

My Duplex 5 Amp Radio Chief Xtra has been installed and is working great! Now all I have to do is update 6 throttles. So many decisions! So many things to do.
My Digitrax Chief Starter Set is by far the best investment I have made for my model railroad. As you can see I am very partial to Digitrax and Kato. My decoder experience is limited at this time to plug and play decoders. The "Golden Spike" was added as a joke.

My DT400R and DT400IR Throttles, the infrared ones will eventually be converted to radio.

My DT300R Throttles.

My UT4R Throttles, for those times when the grandson comes to visit. He was running a train with this throttle at the age of 2 1/2.

My UP5's, UP3's, UR90 and UR91 Loconet Panels.


I have 8 UP5 Panels located around the layout. This shows the yard panel with my 2 DT100ir's.

DT400's and my UT-1.

The UR-90 located on the back wall, I have not run into any problems with reception with it located here, unless I aim the throttle down at floor.

Kato F8/9 Sante Fe A Unit with Digitrax Decoder installed,

Kato RS-2 Locomotive with Digitrax Decoder installed.

My Digitrax Zephyr Starter Set.

My friend builds these home made turnout control boards.

Here are a bag full of these boards waiting to be used, too.