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Feather River Train Shop is a local train store owned by a friend of mine named Chuck Ciaccio and I would recommend him and his shop to anyone. He is a retail store that sells to regular customers at a discount and now is a Digitrax Digital Command Control Dealer! Phone number: (415) 499-0664.The Fax number: (415) 499-0690. I buy 90% of all my trains and track from Chuck, he is a good friend and very knowledgible about trains. I purchased my Chief Extra Duplex Radio Set from him.

My track cleaners of choice come from John Claudino, Aztec Model Railroad Accessories! Great service, very friendly and a pleasure to deal with! I own 3 of his cleaners and I highly recommend them.

(I have purchased most of my decoders, DS-54s, DM-1s, DT400R, UR-91, BDL-162, RX-4, BD-1s and decoders from this DCC Supplier. Paul Lator is the owner of Southern Digital, he has been a great help in answering my questions, supplying me with my Digitrax equipment and fixing several Locos for me. His service is always great! Thanks Paul!!!)  
Fifer Hobby Supply LLC
1005 Cedardale Dr
Las Cruces , New Mexico 88005
Phone: (575) 523-9743
Fax: (575) 527-0969

 (My Digital Command Control System of choice.)    

  (Purchased my Original Chief System from Tony.)

Kato USA
(In my opinion they make the best locos.)

Micro Trains Line
(Favorite line of rolling stock manufacturer.)

Model Trains and More Freight Hobbies.
(Great information site, thanks Derek!)

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