The layout has been completely torn down and I am starting from scratch! I really enjoyed running my trains on the layout that completely filled my 2 car garage. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything else in the garage. I have a 16' x 11' area that I am going to use this time which will leave me a nice size work area for other projects. I also now have a dedicated computer connected to the house network to use for my trains. I have learned a lot since I started the old layout and am going to build this one a little different from that one. Anyone in the northern California area interested in helping is more then welcome to come and help. Contact me at: chuck@conner1.com

8/10/2008: I have run the 12 gauge bus wires approximately 1/2 way around the layout, making head way slowly but surely.I have a temporary double track main line running around the perimeter of the layout. It is not permanantly attached or anything, just some track down so I can run some trains. My next project is to re-sheet rock the back wall and paint it for a back drop. My grandsons are coming at Easter and I have to have mountains and tunnels so I don't let Taylor and Casey down (Well not so much Casey as he will only be 1 1/2 years old, but Taylor is 5 and has been running trains with me for over two years.)

6/17/2008: Here are some current pictures, I have made a little progress but I am back to working on the layout a couple nights a week so I should be posting more pictures soon. I am in the process of running the buss wire around the perimeter of the layout for track power, then I will run a seperate one for turnout power etc. I all ready have a double track main going around the layout. I have the upright supports started for the mountain area around the left side and the back. I need to get the hole in  the wall plugged first. and paint the wall.

Well, the bench work is almost done! I will post some pictures later this week.

Bench work is done for the lower level. Still no track plan, but am working on it.

Finished cleaning out the garaqge so that work can proceed on the layout. Benchwork is 95 percent done, I am starting to run a 12 guage wire bus around the perimeter of the benchwork for the track. And another one for power to control all of the stationary decoders for the turnouts.

I finally had extra electrical outlets installed in the garage. Now power is not a problem!

Very slow progress! My grandson is going to be here in a couple of months and he is expecting to be able to run some trains.

Received my Japanese made decoder for my Atlas Track Cleaner car. It was a very easy install, but I have no way to test it at this time.

Well now all I need is to come up with a new track plan. I have installed Decoder Pro from JMRI on the train laptop. I purchased MS-100 previously to connect my computer to the train layout, I will be upgrading that to a Loco Buffer, which has been purchased but not installed yet.

My grandson's are coming at Christmas and I need to get myself motivated and get some track down so that my oldest grandson, Taylor who is 4 now, can run some trains. There are pictures of him running trains elsewhere on the web site from his last visit. There was nothing but 2 loops of track then, one N Scale and the other HO, but he sure did have fun. He has been running trains with me since he was 2 1/2 years old. He has been able to use my UT4 or Zephyr  to control trians from the very beginning. The other grandson, Casey was just born in September so he won't be ready for another couple years.

Grandson is here and we are working on getting a quick and easy track plan down so that he can run trains for the 3 weeks he is here.

Well, my wife is in England visiting the daughter and grand kids. I told her I would have a loop of track running around the bench work by the time she got back. And even though it is just a temporary thing I can at least run a train around on it.

08/15/2009: Upgraded to the new Digitrax Duplex Radio Chief Extra, have not really had a chance to try it out yet. I have 3 DT400R and 2 UT4R throttles to convert to the new duplex system. I also have 2DT300R throttles that I will have keep the old radio receiver so I can use them. I wish they could be converted, because I like their size and 2 train control capabilities. Still looking for interested model railroaders to help finish this project!

11/21/2009: Started the upper or mountain portion on the left side and along the back wall. I have to decide if I am going to use a helix or what other method I should use to gain the 6 inches of elevation needed to get to this level on the left side. On the right side it will be a gradual, approximately 2% grade along a portion of the back wall and the right side.

1/20/2012: Well it's been a long time since updates were done. Two of my three grandsons from England (ages 4 and 2) now live with me so I need to really get going in the garage. Took them out for just a little while and they had a ball running trains.

8/5/2012: Well my oldest grandson from England has moved in with us also. Thank you John Sumner for allowing that. Taylor is 9 and he is the one in most of the pictures on the site. Will have to get more taken and posted on here.