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Home of the N.E. Road Uwanna Run Railroad.*

* Pronounced: "Any Road You Wanna Run Railroad"

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Well an end to a big chapter in my life has come to an end. The train layout this website was dedicated to, which I had worked on for 20 years is gone.
The house we had rented for 22 years ( I know that was dumb!). Our landlord, who was in his seventies, decide he wanted to give the house to his grand-
daughter and he gave us a 45 day notice to get out. Which we did, we moved into the first thing we could get on such short notice, a 900 square foot apartment.
I had no choice but to just tear it down, I did save most of the track and electronics, but in less then 2 hours it was gone. The landlord asked if I would leave
the bench work that was up against the wall as it would make a good work bench. The pictures below show what was left!


This next picture was the shelf that went along the back wall and in front of the actual garage door then connected to the U shaped layout.

When I lost my helper and was overwhelmed with the work I need to complete. I started over, Got rid of the shelf and moved the U shaped portion of the
layout back against the wall, (see the next picture.)

This is a picture of the original layout.                                                                                                 

Some views of the changed layout so differences can be seen from the first view.

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